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This Land 01 00 Front cover Flat_edited.jpg


  • Think Moana meets the X-men meets Avatar The Last Airbender

  • A world where new tribes and alliances have been formed with abilities beyond their understanding

  • An ancient god has returned and he is not happy with what he has found

  • This Land introduces the world to the Māori gods of Myths and legend and 

  • The artwork in these stories is our visual interpretation, inspired by our research and by our consultations with mana whenua (traditional stakeholders)

  • "The storyline is bang on and i can hear my old people applauding you for this piece of mahi(work)!!! Trent Brown Registered Te Reo Māori Translator


The thing that shines most brightly about This Land, however, is its heart. Everything about this comic is a veritable labour of love.


Sumptuously illustrated, coloured and lettered, the author wanted to produce a graphic that not only showcased his amazing talent, but to


“…provide a resource to help normalise te reo globally and within NZ Homes, and make it part of the everyday language for young Kiwi kids to absorb.”

​”…Introduce the world to powerful stories and the legends of Aotearoa.”

and he has done that and more."

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